Explore, Dig & Battle!

Explore, Dig & Battle!

The road to victory is paved with ancient fossils just waiting to be unearthed.

Girl Warden

Visit dig sites across the globe


From vast grasslands to rocky canyons to massive mountains, you'll get to explore awesome, fossil-packed dig sites.

Game Map

Deck out your Bone Buggy

You'll rely on your Bone Buggy to get around, as well as to dig up fossils and revive vivosaurs.

Upgrade your ride with new parts that let you tackle new terrain and excavate tougher rock.

Bone Buggy
Boy Warden

Upgrade Your Ride!

Customize your chassis, color, wheels, support shots, engine, hammer, drill, and more!

Can you dig it?

Collect new fossils at each dig site to build up your roster of vivosaurs. But watch out! Wild vivosaurs can sneak up on you if you're not paying attention.


find fossils

find fossils

Find fossils screenshot

Use your sonar to locate fossils hidden in the rocks around you.

dig 'em up

dig 'em up

Dig 'em up screenshot

Try to unearth them with your tools before your time runs out.

Piece 'em together

Piece 'em together

Each Vivosaur has four main body parts that will give them new battle moves as you add them. You can also re-excavate fossils to improve your scores.

Vivosaur's four main body parts



Score! screenshot

Get more points by digging up fossils without damaging them. Experiment with different tools.



your new ally

your new ally

Revive your new ally screenshot

Discover a new fossil type? Then it's time to revive a new vivosaur!

Fossil battle basics

Pick your champion and head into timed, turn-based battles against enemy vivosaurs. Battle your friends or play online against other Wardens in 1-on-1 matches.

Battle Basics Battle Basics

Five elements to rule

All vivosaurs are one of five elemental types (Water, Fire, Air, Earth, and Neutral) and each has advantages against other types.

Plus, each vivosaur has a special ability, like healing or increased accuracy, so choose wisely.

View Fossilary

Battle Moves
Battle moves screenshot

With each new fossil that's added to a vivosaur, it gets a new move. Try to find rare parts for more powerful moves!

Support Shots

Support shots screenshot
Equip these to your Bone Buggy and you can boost certain stats for yourself or your allies during battle.

Pick Your Battles

Fossil Stadium

Fossil open tourney screenshot

Fossil Open Tourney

Test your team in these elite competitions at the stadium.

Seven scramble tourney screenshot

Seven Scramble Tourneys

This is a set of daily tournaments with battles that differ every day of the week. Win bone buggy parts you can't find in the store!

Vivo Ptera


Daily training screenshot

Daily Training

Visit once a day to face off against your own vivosaurs and boost their skills.

StreetPass screenshot


You can also battle against other vivosaurs you’ve received via the StreetPass™ feature.

Dig Sites

Rogues screenshot


Rogue vivosaurs roam free at dig sites and you can chase them down for a battle—or they might just pounce on you.


Play With Friends

Co-op Exploration

Co-op exploration screenshot

Team up with up to two friends over local wireless to explore Dig Sites. You can share tools and work on extra-big fossils together. You can also take on extra-tough rogue vivosaurs!

Six-player battles

Six-player battle screenshot

Up to six fighters can battle each other via local wireless. Split into teams and see whose vivosaurs come out on top.

Local team tournaments screenshot

Local team tournaments

Invite up to two friends to form a team and battle in tournaments for in-game cash and prizes!

Paleo pals group
Online battle screenshot

Online Battle

Go one-on-one in these online match-ups to fight your way up the ranks in your region. Online leaderboards are updated once a month…can you take the top spot?